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Who We Are

Aviation Mobile Apps, LLC. is a group of pilots, programmers, and enterprise mobility experts passionate about building the best software for mobile device platforms. As a full-service provider of enterprise-grade mobile app development services, we create public and private mobile apps and supporting backend systems for the aviation industry, the department of defense, and others.

We not only thrive on the continuing challenges of the information technology field, but we also take the initiative to develop and hone our skills so that we may build better products that help you stay a step ahead. Each of us have decades of experience and our founder, William DeWeese, has been flying since 2004.

William DeWeese

In his current role, DeWeese is founder and CEO of the aerospace company Aviation Mobile Apps, LLC. DeWeese drives the company’s strategy and operations and is responsible for the company’s mobile applications development and management.

Prior to Aviation Mobile Apps, DeWeese served in a research and development role for AirWatch by VMware, the largest enterprise mobility management provider in terms of revenue, customers and employees. DeWeese is listed as an inventor on 10 United States Patents and applications related to a range of mobile software technologies.

DeWeese has nearly 20 years of technology experience and has held various roles at public, private and non-profit companies, including information technology manager at the defense contractor DynCorp International, solutions architect at First American; architect and senior developer at Aptitude Solutions (American Pioneer); architect and senior developer at Blue Cross Blue Shield; Communication Technologies Director at Digital Clone; and IT Manager at Galaxy Call Corp., Inc.

DeWeese attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and became a private pilot in 2004, was formally trained in Mobile Development in 2012 and Media Communications in 2016 at Full Sail University and received an Executive Certificate in Business Strategy: Achieving Competitive Advantage from Cornell University in 2018.

Dr. Les Glatt

Dr. Glatt has been employed in the Aerospace Industry for over 51 years and serves an advisory role at Aviation Mobile Apps, LLC. He holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, an M.S. in Astronautics, both from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, and a Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences from the University of California San Diego. His expertise is in gas dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, theoretical and applied aerodynamics, and flight mechanics. He has worked on the design and analysis of aerospace vehicles flying at speeds ranging from low subsonic Mach number to hypervelocity Mach 38 spacecraft entering planetary atmospheres. Les has worked in the Air Force Ballistic Missile Program for over 42 years, including 13 years at the Aerospace Corp, and 29 years at TRW/Northrop Grumman. He has been employed for the past eight years at SpaceX as the Aerodynamics Technical Advisor.

Les holds an ATP certificate and has been a CFI-AI for over 40 years. Also, he holds both AGI and IGI certificates and is currently an FAA Safety Team Representative attached to the Van Nuys California FSDO supporting the area of Operations. He is a member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators, where he has written a number of papers on flight training, including a seminal paper entitled “A Treatise on the Holding Pattern: Expelling the Myths and Misconceptions of Timing and Wind Correction”, wherein, he has developed the exact mathematical solution of the generalized holding pattern problem. This solution shows the actual complexity of flying the holding pattern in the presence of strong winds.

John Marshall

John D. Marshall is an American entrepreneur and inventor listed on 11 United States patents and patent applications related to a range of software technologies. He is the co-founder and former president and CEO of AirWatch, which VMware acquired for $1.54 billion in 2014. He currently serves an advisory role at Aviation Mobile Apps, LLC and is Co-Chairman at OneTrust, LLC.

Mr. John Marshall founded AirWatch, LLC in 2003 and served as its Senior Vice President and General Manager. Mr. Marshall Founded Wandering WiFi, LLC in 2003 and served as its Chief Executive Officer and President. He served as Chief Executive Officer and President at AirWatch, LLC until March 2016. He helped launch Celarix and served as its Vice President of Marketing Strategy. Before joining Celarix, Mr. Marshall worked in senior roles at Manhattan Associates. Before joining Celarix, he worked in a variety of senior positions at Manhattan Associates during its fast-paced growth of the late 1990s. He was Senior Consultant at Manhattan Associates from 1996 to 1997, Manager from 1997 to 1998 and Senior Manager from 1998 to 1999. Mr. Marshall received his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Marshall is a board member on the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) Industry Advisory Board. The Association of Telecom Professionals named Marshall the 2012 ATP of the Year, and the Georgia Institute of Technology inducted Marshall into the Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni in 2013. Ernst & Young named Marshall Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 for Technology in the Southeast region.


In the last seven years we have produced more than 50 public and private mobile apps and supporting backend systems for the aviation industry, the department of defense, and others.

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